12 Ways to Encourage Your Baby to Walk

12 Ways to Encourage Your Baby to Walk
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Babies usually take their first steps after their first birthday, but that does not mean they shouldn’t be as supportive as possible. An exciting developmental achievement, and an emotional triumph, is encouraging a child to take their first steps. Scroll down for the ways to encourage your baby to walk.

To help your little one get moving, set your camera to video mode and try out some of these tricks.

Ways to Encourage Your Baby to Walk

Here are some ways to encourage your baby to walk.

1. Hold Their Hands

The most popular way to support your baby’s practice is to walk behind her, with both hands holding. Give her enough encouragement to not overwhelm her, but not so much that you strain her elbows or shoulders. Holding her arms high enough to make sure that she doesn’t fall, but she can’t make full contact with her feet’s soles.

12 Ways to Encourage Your Baby to Walk
Image Source – Unsplash

2. Use Peer Models

The playground, the library, or the nearby mall play area are typically good choices because you know that children close to the age of your baby can go anywhere. Keep your eye out for your smallest mobile babies. Point them out when you see a tiny walker, compliment their ability, and be encouraging. Effective encouragement maybe a little friendly rivalry and an inherent willingness to do what everybody else is doing.

3. Get Squeaky Shoes

If you make walking a lot of fun, your baby would want to do it as much as possible. Shoes with adjustable squeakers can be an ideal way to make your baby more fun on foot. The babies are curious scientists, so it can be an incredible surprise to realize that every movement creates noise from their feet. As mentioned, the crumbs are removable, therefore take the crumbler out for a bit if it begins to make you batty.

4. Take a Dance Class

The Mommy and Me classes are a perfect way to have a fun time with your baby’s additional bonus of wiggling, shaking, and groaning. It will encourage your baby to discover all that his body can do in an atmosphere that is all about movement. The fact that most lessons take place on soft gym mats doesn’t hurt, so every fall is less traumatic.

5. Spend Time in the Pool

It will help strengthen your little guy’s legs and strengthen his muscles to use them in new ways. It’s time to swim if you have access to a pool. Teach him to kick off his legs—the water’s resistance is a fine, not too tiring exercise. Enable him to “walk” in the pool if there is a place in the pool which is shallow enough to reach the bottom.

12 Ways to Encourage Your Baby to Walk
Image Source – Unsplash

6. Have an Active Pet

Children love animals. Getting an involved pet is an excellent way of encouraging your child to go. Let your dog try to walk the dog if your dog has a calming nature and it is nice on a lead. Engage your kid to feed your animal — it takes 2 hands to hold a cup, so walking is a must.

7. Play Tug-of-War

You can’t play this one to win, but it’s a fun way to get your little guy around the house by holding on to a rope or letting him tug while you’re sitting there. You don’t have to use a cord for that. The noodle of the pool, the stick, or the stuffed animal can work, too.

8. Put Him Down

You got into the routine of carrying her from point A to point B. Stop it. Leave for appointments and orders 10 minutes earlier than usual, so you can take your time to get there. When she becomes a little bit more independent by putting herself on two feet, she becomes secure in her abilities and trusts her.

9. Introduce a Push Toy

A toy shopping cart, a ride-on toy with a push handle and an adjustable activity toy with a walker option all can provide great walking support. There is a lot to choose from. Having fun playing with your child also makes them ride around is a win-win.

10. Offer a Reward

To keep your child a favorite item or treatment is an easy way to achieve results. Of course, children are so excited about their parents and families at this age that only offering joviality and a hug will suffice to drive them in. Enjoy this stage—cliché it’s but real when we say it goes through too quickly.

11. Go Barefoot

No socks. No socks. Bare feet. In the feet, there are tiny muscles that need to continue to build and strengthen and the only way to achieve this is to bear weight on them.

We have so many small muscles like biped (animals that walk two feet) that help us balance and move when we stand. If you stand aloud, your foot’s muscles ‘catch’ the ground more quickly. This will motivate those little muscles to work harder to find the right way to mold to the ground to help your baby walk.

Not only does walking barefoot help with walking, but your kid also has a fantastic sensory experience. All the nerve endings can feel distinct surfaces and textures at the bottom of their feet. Such sensory impulses are sent to the brain and provide the feet with more consciousness. This can also assist with walking, too.

Barefoot means, likewise, no socks. Socks are only going to cause them to fall and not give new walkers enough traction.

12. Reduce Their Fear

Keep objects and furniture near, so they know they still have to hang on to something solid. Again, with your arms spread wide, make sure you’re still close enough to them, ready to catch them if they fall. When they know that they’re not going to get hurt if they fall, their worries should be minimized, and they may be more confident to take a few more steps.

So, these are 12 ways to encourage your baby to walk.

Enjoy fun with your child and watch this new walking ability to grow. Don’t blink or you could just skip these little milestones as they go!

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