31 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

31 weeks pregnant what to expect
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      31 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

You have very little to wait for now before all of your joy bundle is wrapped in your arms. You can read on and prepare to welcome your newborn if you have any questions regarding your 31 weeks pregnant.


Baby’s Growth During Pregnancy – Week 31

By this time, the development of your baby’s brain is at full speed. Billions of synapses form between their neurons, all of which receive constant information from all five senses. The baby, by practicing expressions, breathing, swimming in the amniotic fluid, and sucking his thumb away the time inside the womb. Your baby now responds with a range of kicks and punches to the sound of your voice, but they’re not going to be hard enough to cause any serious pain or injury.

Some babies hiccup constantly, so be prepared by the sound of his hiccups to be jolted awake at night. At this point, your little one’s eyes are fully functional, allowing him to respond to light. The body’s muscle and fat amounts are greater than ever before. You’ll also see him swinging to any melodies you’re playing for him.

What is the Baby’s Size?

The size of the baby is about the same as a tender coconut at 31 weeks of pregnancy. The baby measures more than 40 cm from head to toe, weighing about 1.5 kg.

31-week Symptoms of Pregnancy

You’re bound to feel many of the same symptoms you’ve already experienced from week 31 of pregnancy onwards. Some might get worse, some might get bearable. Here are the most common symptoms of 31 weeks of pregnancy:

  • Shortness of breath: You may start getting around more trouble as you get heavier and shorter in the breath. Remember not to push too much of yourself. Getting some exercise is good for you and baby, but you definitely have to take breaks to rest as much as you need.
  • Dry, brittle nails: Sure, you have extra growth of your finger and toenail, but that can make those nails feel dry and easily broken. With a moisturizing cuticle oil, some moms – to – have success. This can be the perfect excuse for a mani-pedi spa as well.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions: To ease Braxton Hicks ‘ discomfort, drink plenty of water and frequently change positions. This will prevent these “contractions in practice” from becoming premature labor. If you have some complications of pregnancy, or if you are pregnant with twins for 31 weeks, you are at higher risk of premature labor.
  • Leaky boobs: That yellow liquid is the first food for your baby, called colostrum, and your body gets it ready for the big arrival.
  • Frequent urination: Your bladder is as crowded as it is with your lungs. You can’t do much about it unless you plan more breaks in your daily routine mentally.
  • Backaches: Make sure you keep stretching to ease your back pain. 
  • Sleeping disturbance. It’s no wonder that when your back hurts, when your belly contracts, you can’t find a comfortable position, oh — and you’ve got to keep getting up to pee!


31 weeks pregnant belly

You probably gained about 21 to 27 pounds by 31 weeks pregnant. If you’re pregnant with twins for 31 weeks, it’s about 27 to 42 pounds. Your 31 weeks pregnant belly gets in the way of everyday things like tying your shoes and sex. It’s even in your usual swagger’s way— have you already started waddling!


31 Weeks Ultrasound

Your 31 fetus week is going through major development of the brain and nerves. His or her eyes are also developing— the irises can now react to the light! (Sometimes a little light shines in your 31 weeks pregnant belly!) Actually, all five senses of the baby are working. 

Women with complications of pregnancy such as gestational diabetes or pregnant with twins for 31 weeks may have 31 weeks of pregnant ultrasound to check in on babies (or babies). But if it’s not you, this week you’re off the hook. 

In your 31 weeks of pregnant belly, you’re just dying to know what baby looks like. Some curious parents choose to have an ultrasound of 3D/4D done later during pregnancy— usually between weeks 24 to 32. (So 31 weeks of pregnancy is a perfect time!)

You can see the whole surface of the baby’s face in one picture in a 3D/4D ultrasound. Yep, it’s a three-dimensional image. The fourth dimension is time— you can see the baby moving in 3D on the screen. This means that your 31-week-long fetus may blink, suck their thumb and perhaps even smile or frown, and you’re likely to bring home a video of it as well!

Medical circumstances may require an ultrasound of 3D/4D at 31 weeks of pregnancy. But if you do not order one from your doctor, you have the option to do one at an independent imaging center. In that case, an elective procedure is a 3D/4D ultrasound, so your insurance will not cover it and you will have to pay for it out of pocket.

To see though, they’re pretty cool, so if you want one, and your doctor’s all right, go for it! 

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