Adorable Grandpa Recreates Disney Ride – It’s A Small World

Adorable Grandpa Recreates Disney Ride – It's A Small World
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An adorable grandpa who missed playing with his grandchildren because of the coronavirus lockout wanted to cheer them up by making a mini version of their favorite Disney ride – it’s a small world – in his garage.

Grandpa Recreates Disney Ride – It’s A Small World To Cheer Grandchildren In His Garage

Despite the lockout, George Warneke from Portland, Oregon, was unable to see his grandkids in weeks. “Like everyone in the world right now, we’re trying to cope with staying at home,” he said.

He and his wife Susie have three children and six grandchildren between the ages of 2 and 6. The family went to Disneyland quite a few times. But it happens that the popular Disney ride ‘It’s a Small World’ is a favorite of his grandkids.

And, just like all the grandparents, he wanted to do something different to make them proud. “I can’t play with my grandchildren right now, but I can play for them,” he said. So with that thought in mind, he wanted to recreate their favorite Disney ride.

He found a video of the actual ride online and used it to create his customized Disney ride as a roadmap. George did a recreation of the famous ride in his garage using toys, trinkets, dolls, and other house materials. And grandpa has been so absorbed in the project that it took him a whole week to finish it.

His grandchildren enjoyed homemade Disney Ride

Upon completion of the project, his wife Susie played a recording of “It’s a Small World” on her iPod, as George walked through the ride in a toy car (which acted as a boat from the original Disney ride), catching the video on his camera. He posted the Facebook video for his family to enjoy, especially his grandkids.

“My grandchildren were delighted and filled with wonder. They have looked at it over and over, “he said. They also asked him to leave the ride because they would like to see it in person, and play with it. So looks like the ride will take over his garage for quite some time.

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