Super Easy Clothing Hacks – DIY

clothing hacks - diy
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         Super Easy Clothing Hacks – DIY

Sometimes we get in such situations where we need an immediate solution to the problem.  There are so many means and ways from our surroundings that can help you from those peculiar situations. They are life-saving hacks that everyone must know and follow so that we can follow them in our day to day life. We have some very simple and brilliant clothing hacks – DIY that you would love to try.

1. Remove stains from clothes

 Some stain removal techniques are given below that are just life-saving

  •  Steps to remove a wine stain

  1. In case the spill occurs, immediately put some salt on the area. Salt help absorbs the wine stain 
  2. You can also pour  soda on to the stain until it washes off the cloth
  3. If the stain has dried up, you can apply shaving foam on the area. Wait for 5 minutes and wash it with water.
  4. One very effective idea is to soak the stained area in cow’s milk. Wait for the stain to fade away and then wash with water.
  • Remove oil stain

In the case of oil, stain put a good amount of talcum powder on the affected area for an hour or two and then remove the powder.  Wash the cloth with some washing soda and water. Talcum powder helps absorbs the oil from the cloth

  • Sweat stains

 Sweat rings or stains are very common in summers, but look very bad, especially on light-colored clothes. One of the easy ways to remove is to squeeze a lemon on the stain rub it on the stain. Then put some bleach (only on white clothes) and wash them.

  •  Remove soil stain

Soil stains are very tough to remove them what you can do is to let that stain dry completely.  Then with the help of another piece of cloth rub the soil. The dry soil will come out easily and use Luke warm water to wash the cloth.

One very important thing is that let the soil dry completely. If the soil is wet, then the stain couldn’t be removed.

Fashion hacks - diy
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 2. Make new from the old stuff

 There are many clothes at home, which we don’t wear now. Some are out of size, some are of the trend which we can recycle and reuse in many ways. Some are as follows 

  • Old t-shirts into shrugs

You can easily make a shrug out of your old t-shirt by just cutting it from the front center and stick the edges with fabric glue or attach lace to make it look different.  You can also use beads to decorate the edges of the shrug. And wear that with any tank top, and see how people appreciate your DIY.

Fashion hacks - diy
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  • Convert T-shirt into a scarf

 One more use of an old t-shirt is to make a scarf from it. There are many techniques to do so, but one of the easiest one is to cut the t-shirt horizontally into broad pieces. Then take one piece and stretch it with your hands to make it a bit longer and your scarf is almost ready, just add some pom-pom or tassels to make it more colorful. Carry it with plain Kurtis or t-shirts.

Fashion hacks - diy
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  •  Make your shorts from old denim

 Converting your old, straight or boot cut denim into a cute short by cutting the denim horizontally. You just have to mark the length (whatever length you want) and with the help of scissors chop off the denim and make a cute little short. You can also embellish the short with beads or other things like lace to make it fancier.

Fashion hacks - diy
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  • Prints and paints

 One more way to make old new is by changing them. For example, you can use stencils and paint your old pieces of denim or T-shirts. You can also use pray painting techniques with stencils to make it more creative another way is to paint them.  If you know how to paint you can change the look of the garment by some brush strokes and make it prettier than before. And Wear them anywhere you wish. This is one of the best clothing hacks – DIY for your wardrobe.

Fashion hacks - diy
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  3. Hair elastic trick

 One very versatile thing is a hair elastic band from keeps our hair to keeping a packet of chips secure it can be used anywhere. One use is for fixing the zipper, one time in life everyone faces this problem of breaking zip loop. My friend elastic will come to your rescue, just use elastic and pass it through the tiny zip loop and pull the zip safely. After pulling it up, tuck the rubber band onto the denim button that will secure the zipper and you won’t get embarrassed again

Fashion hacks - diy
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4. Get the worn-out effect at home

 Worn-out jeans or jackets are so in trend, which is an easy thing you can do by yourself by following the steps

  1. Rub the areas with sandpaper, where you want the worn-out effect.

2. Take some bleach and with the help of a sponge rub on the areas where you lighter shade.

3. If you want to tear and give it a messy look. You can use paper cutters and make lines on the areas where you have already rubbed sandpaper. After cutting take out fringes of the fabric with the help of a pucker and your worn-out denim is ready to wear.

Fashion hacks - diy
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  5. Straightening the cloth without iron

 When you are in a hurry of going to work, but your shirt is not ironed, one easy and a super quick way is to use a flat iron (the one we use to straighten our hair) A  flat iron  heats up in no time and easily presses your collar and cuffs  and make it wrinkle-free super quick.  A flat iron can also be used in fixing your saree pleats only if you have a silk or cotton saree. It can also be used to make a crease of your pants in no time, just make sure you try this hack once because of flat iron do have different temperatures and heating points.


6. Fix the zippers

 One of the very annoying things is when your zipper stops working. There are a couple of hacks that you can try to fix it

  1. Rub a candle on the zipper that helps it to move and start working again.

2. Another simple way is to use a moisturizer. Yes, you heard it right a moisturizer help the stuck zipper and creates a movement that makes it work again.

 By using these things you can also repair your bags and jackets.

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7. Fix sudden tear 

 It happens when sometimes the seam of your skirt just opens up without any prior notice.  Likewise, the seam of the shirt just tears up, but don’t panic and look for a stapler. Yes, you heard it right a stapler can work as a portable sewing machine and can fix your skirt and shirt in no time.  And it is a trusted tool that would help you fix your problems temporarily. You can even use a stapler as a safety pin, which you can use to fix the pallu of your saree. That is a temporary solution but will definitely work if you run out of a safety pin.

Fashion hacks
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 We hope and wish you find these clothing hacks- DIY, tips, and tricks easy and helpful,  you can try these and make your life simpler these hacks will surely help you get out of the troubling situations like loose zippers spills, stains and cloth tears and make your life easy and amazing.

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