Ways To Decorate Your Rooms With Fairy Lights

Ways To Decorate Your Rooms With Fairy Lights
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Fairy lights bring glitter to seasonal décor and are also affordable. The only loop, twist or tie these shimmering lights to turn your room into a land of fairies. The decorations in the fairies will bring a delicate glow to every inch of your house, acting as Christmas lights and a holiday décor alike. These days, fairy lights are in high demand, less costly than the big-ticket holiday decorations, and easier to string than conventional Christmas lights. Such seasonal lights can easily be wrapped or woven around pillars, pieces of furniture, or doorways, and they instantly transform homes into exotic wonderland. To make your rooms and nights shine the right way, using these starry lines. Continue reading for the tips to decorate your rooms with fairy lights.

Ways To Decorate Your Rooms With Fairy Lights

Here are 13 ways to decorate your rooms with fairy lights that transform homes into exotic wonderland.

1. String Picture Display

Is there a bare white wall in need of some kind of love? Print a few of your favorite happy snaps, buy some wire string from your local store, plus a few mini clips, and get busy. Place your fairy lights and bam on after placing, a beautiful feature item for your wall.

2. Branch Decor

If you’re all about the rustic chic feel, then you know the right in your backyard is the best piece of decor: branches. Whether hanging from the ceiling or coated in spay paint, branches are an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your décor.
To make these simple parts shine, take it a step further by wrapping branches in fairy lights.

3. Drink And, Then Light Up

Who would think that can turn the humble old wine bottle into a sparkling show of light? You may even be able to convert bottles in all sizes and shapes to make it a wonderful feature. It is certainly going to be a topic of discussion at your next cocktail party!

4. Unique Christmas Tree

This may be a little out of season, but when Christmas rolls around again we keep this idea in the back of our minds! You love the concept of building your OWN tree by nailing branches to a wall and lighting the “tree” by some pretty lights, rather than by dragging it into a full-blown pine tree.

5. Star Look

Which little kid (or let’s face it, grown-up!) can withstand a stars’ ceiling? Using a little elbow grease, creativity, and some trusty fairy lights to design your own lighting wonderland.

6. Decor Planter

No outdoor garden space? It doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a little green to your home with a hanging planter. Spruce up the planters by nailing them into some recycled wood, and then add some small mason jars of fairy lights to turn this a real focal point for any space.

7. Light Up Shelves

Do you feel like a bookshelf or pantry shelf that looks sort of dull in the back? Adding a bit of light to the scenario easily by adding fairy lights behind the shelf to fill empty space.

8. Light Up The Walk Through Spaces

Spruce up your walkthrough spaces, lighting up your walls and around the ceiling by interweaving fairy. You may add other decorations, including lanterns or star designs, too. Check through your cupboards for any chances and ends you’ve been laying around to make the show really your own.

9. Accent Candle

Some people think the last thing that requires a string of fairy lights is possibly a candle, but you may be stunned. Wrap a copper string of lights around a candle (whether it’s actual or fake) is a perfect way to decorate a piece of simple accent.

10. Curtains With Fairy Lights

This basic idea gives any room beauty and sophistication-only add fairy lights to any room’s curtain rods.

The concept will certainly help the shabby chic aesthetic.

While being commonly used for curtains on curtain rods, this also works with certain types of curtain rods, such as those hooked on curtain rings on roller tracks.

We recommend using warm fairy lights for an extra-dreamy vibe.

11. On The Bed Frame

Whether the bed frame is made up of wood or in metal, you can enhance it through winding fairy lights around the slats or legs. You can also add some more reading light when you want to snuggle with a great book when you placed it around your bed frame.

11. Spell Out Words

You can also make things creative, instead of simply covering the lights over something or sticking them on the wall. Use it to write your letters on the wall or on a bulletin board, maybe your initial letters or another significant word.

12. Mirror

Another unique implementation is to twist them around your mirror to create instant glamor. In no time you will feel like a starlet from Hollywood!

13. Chandelier

Create this special lighting feature with the help of a hula-hoop base and some bright fairy lights. The hula-hoop doesn’t have to be kept. Create it through the selection and re-proposal of an old lighter or lamp frame from vintage markets or DIY shops.

So, these are 13 ways to decorate your rooms with fairy lights that transform homes into exotic wonderland. We hope we’ve inspired you in a few different ways to ‘light up your life’

Adopt these ideas for decorating your home with fairy light. Invest in strings to make a significant difference in the way you celebrate or entertain. You’ll be mesmerized by the impact created in your personal space by these dainty little lights.

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