Gadget-Free Activities For Your Kids At Home

Gadget Free Activities For Your Kids At Home
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We spend so much time with our gadgets that we suffer from our relationship with our family. It’s time to change things and spend time connecting again, away from gadgets. What better way to do this than to work together? Here are some fun craft and DIY ideas to bring the whole family together. Scroll down for gadget-free activities with your family!

Disadvantages of Excessive Exposure to Gadgets

Too many gadgets can make your child tolerant and can have a wide range of consequences for your child.

  • Lack of interest in developing practical knowledge in real life
  • Lack of concentration or focus on any task except when done on a gadget
  • Poor management of time and eating habits.

Gadget-Free Activities For Your Kids

So you have to work, but you don’t want to resort to plopping your kids in front of an iPad. Or perhaps it was rained for days, and there is nothing your wild creatures can do indoors. What are you doing?

Don’t worry about it! It’s possible to entertain your children without the result of screen time! Here is a list of ideas for the gadget-free activities you can start!

1. Paint

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned painting! In all forms and sizes, give them a bunch of brushes so they can explore. We got a brush set with Luke’s foam brushes and rollers in texture, and he’s crazy with them! Don’t forget to ensure that only non-toxic paints are used!

Show all these beautiful masterpieces in your room and invite friends or family to see them. This will definitely boost the morale of your little Picasso! And if your child feels a little entrepreneur, perhaps he will also sell his works.

Gadget Free Activities For Your Kids At Home
Image Source – Pixabay

2. Cook Or Bake

Don’t just prepare delicious dishes, make them look awesome too! Create fun bento food and snacks with food punchers, food scissors, and cookies!

With your desserts, you can also be creative. It’s wonderful how many little monsters you can make from breadsticks, marshmallows, and a chocolate tub!

Gadget Free Activities For Your Kids At Home
Image Source- Pixabay

3. Creative With Dough

Play doughs were a staple always. Children learn how to be creative by shaping and molding different figures with their hands.

Note: Especially if you have younger children, make sure you get a food-grade dough. Get accessories for dough (such as scissors and extruders) and non-toxic paints, rollers, and brushes.

4. Puzzles

Did you know that your brain generates more of the chemicals involved in learning and memory while you engage in a jigsaw puzzle? Puzzles are challenging and enjoyable and your kids will spend hours (or okay, let’s be practical, at least 20 minutes) having fun if you have age-appropriate ones!

Gadget Free Activities For Your Kids At Home
Image Source – Pixabay

5. Water And Sand Play

If you’re not scared of a little mess, try some water and sand activities for your little ones! Children love to touch and to play with it and how better is your small explorer to explore than to give him various sensory bins? You will be surprised how fun it is for your children to dig their little fingers on the kinetic sand and water beads!

It may seem complicated to create small world sensory bins to play, but it’s easier than you think! You’re already half-way done if you got plastic containers at home, kinetic sand, and a few water beads! There are only a few toy figures you need to add to your kids.

By adding other decorative materials, spice up your small world bins. Add rock from plant or home decor stores. Also use daily stuff at home, like salt and ice cubes.

6. Work On Fun Workbooks

There are a lot of cheap colors but always believe in investing in quality books. Children are going to know beauty if you give them beauty! And if you expose them, they will know how to appreciate things that are made wonderfully.

7. DIY Scrabble

Word games are an excellent way to make new words and spelling to learn for your child. What if your own Scrabble set can be created at home? Make lyrics with this Scrabble DIY game and decorate them and have fun.

8. Engage in pretend play

Children tend to play and this is the best way to involve children in fun learning. So why not go on and start your own fun game with your kid? They’ll learn, be away from gadgets, and stay with you for a while. So what else could you ever ask?

9. Spend More Time with Your Kids

This may sound too simplistic but research has shown that gadgets are more likely to be attached/addicted to children who find themselves with a lot of alone time. Take the step of spending more time with your children and doing things that interest them – from playing popups to hiding. It may take you a lot of work – but it will certainly be worth it.

10. Set a Daily Limit on Screen Time

Assign your child a suitable amount of screen time, regardless of the gadget. Give your child the option of watching TV, using the computer, and allow him to choose when he wants to use the gadgets during the day. That gives him a feeling of freedom and also makes him decide.

11. Be Strict With Rules

You must ensure that your child has a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits as a responsible parent. Make difficult decisions and set your foot to limit unhealthy habits such as too much time on the TV/computer, regardless of cajoling and pleading. Make sure the reasons behind your decision are explained to them.

A good screening time for children under the age of 18 months is NO and for children under the age of 2-5 one hour per day. In addition, try to limit screen time (especially digital media) as much as possible and don’t allow them to exceed a maximum of 3 hours per day. This includes television, laptops, games, and mobile use.

So, these are 11 ideas for the gadget-free activities you can start!

Today, many children have been playing outside and in groups with TV, mobile games, and video games. You ought to intervene as a parent? The answer to that is yes! Although the TV programs, games, etc. are all packed with action and challenges, they are highly addictive and can have an unfavorable effect on the development of the child.

It’s difficult and challenging to get them out of this addiction, as most children don’t recognize how fun it is to go out and explore. This not only takes physical activity away from them but also drains them from their ability to participate and play in groups.

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