Hiking with Toddlers: Tried & Tested Tips

Hiking with Toddlers: Tried & Tested Tips
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Traveling with children often poses unique challenges, and maybe even more so when introducing young children to the great outdoors. From national parks to easy trails right next to home, it was worth making an extra effort to go hiking with toddlers.

Tips For Hiking with Toddlers

Hiking is a perfect way to get some fresh air and appreciate nature. But what if you have a toddler in your tow? Don’t think about that! The following tips for hiking with toddlers will help make your trip fun for adults and children alike.

1. Carefully choose the location of your hike

Of course, you may want to conquer the top of a high ridge on your climb, but this isn’t the day to do it with a toddler on a ride! Scout out some simple hiking trails from your local area from your town or city, the National Park Service or the AllTrails website, which will give you an opportunity to enter a city, location and leave with pictures, overview, and hiking ratings. Flat, simple, and maybe even a well-worn trail that makes a jogging stroller in case your little one gets tired is perfect.

Hiking with Toddlers: Tried & Tested Tips
Image Source – Unsplash

2. Snacks and Drinks are a Necessity

Every toddler has something to do with food, so pack snacks and drinks particularly in the warmer months. Do not encourage your kids to hunger and thirst as that breaks them and it is a real concern for you and dehydration. Since most hiking trails do not have a trash facility, they carry reusable and non-leachable containers. Providing your child with water, juice, or whatever you want.

3. Prepare for anything

This goes for every hike pretty much, regardless of whether or not a child is involved. Always ensure the 10 Essentials are packed. Further child-friendly supplies include wet tissue; lip balm; jars; glass loudness; field guides (to show kids stuff); cameras; and safety whistles per child; child-friendly supplies (and teach them what they are for and when to use them).

4. Have Reasonable Expectations for Hiking with Kids

This remains the most difficult. While your aim can be to top a mountain in order to enjoy beautiful views, what motivates children can and should be entirely different. You may choose raspberries along the path, splash into the sea, or explore caves. Don’t schedule your first hikes at a fast speed, and let your children just have fun. If you manage to instill a love of hiking, the challenges of mountain peaks will later come.

5. Make it Fun and Interesting for Your Child

Many kids like adventures, but it’s often less fun for a hiking trail than it is for you. Ask them questions about the trees or the kinds of plants that you see along the way. A perfect way to get your children involved is to pack up a couple of fun stuff for you to walk together. Binoculars or a magnifier lets children see items from a special perspective and makes them interesting. Children three and older are permitted to study the bark in the path closely on a tree or a bug. Toddlers love to see stuff as close as possible, and this is the best way to get them excited about their hike.

Hiking with Toddlers: Tried & Tested Tips
Image Source – Unsplash

6. Keep it Clean

There’s nothing worse than when your kid pours a drink on himself and has a fit. There’s nothing you’re in the middle of, so always pack extra clothes and supply a plastic bag for bringing home and washing. Try a cloth that uses nothing more than water (which you’ll have along your way anyway) for messy faces and hands and throw the wet, dirty clothes in your pocket, like the e-clothes

7. Wear Good Quality Hiking Shoes

Sore feet and blisters are a sure way to avoid hiking on its paths with children.

This doesn’t mean that you have to buy costly hiking boots for kids. Many great children’s hiking boots cost no fortune and can be used every day as well.

In good shoes, we find that our children can do several simple hiking trails. We suggest trail runners and hiking boots for longer trails or more frequent hikes.

8. Plan For A Lot Of Breaks

When you are used to pushing forward and getting to your destination in the shortest possible time, this can be frustrating. But it is important to take frequent breaks while taking kids hiking.

Take the lead from the children. It is always a good idea to take a break and recharge when they slow up or begin to complain.

To sit down, have a drink and a snack, and enjoy the view, find a nice spot. Let the children explore, play games, and relax.

Breaks will prolong the hike time, but they will also raise the chance that your kids will have fun hiking.

9. Take A Friend

One of the best hiking tips for children to go hiking is to take a friend along. The kids play more games, appear to whine less, and speak with each other. The time went by and they had so much fun, too.


10. Note The Time You Set-Off

Note the time and approximate hiking time you’re setting off. This helps you to measure how you follow up on your hike.

You can re-calculate your possible return time easily if you hike at a slow speed.

We find that hiking times are generous typically. You will typically complete walks within the estimated period with your elementary school children.

So, these are 10 tips for hiking with toddlers.

We want your children to enjoy hiking, by visiting new places and finding beautiful locations along the way. It’s just one of the best outdoor activities for kids.

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