How Ubtan Is Beneficial For Babies

Ubtan Is Beneficial For Babies
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There is a reason why tradition bathing ubtan is better than branded baby care product. Ubtan is made from natural ingredients and it is safe for babies skin, but branded baby care product has some amount of chemicals which is not good for your babies.

What is UBTAN?

Ubtan is a mixture of traditional ingredients used as a skin cleanser and body scrub for babies. These are safe for baby skin as compared to baby care products. It’s a substitute for soap. To form an ubtan paste ground lentils and flour, herb powder, and milk or rose water is used. It is used to massage newborn babies.

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Is ubtan safe for babies?

Applying ubtan on babies is a practice of hundreds of years and it is said that applying ubtan is beneficial for the baby’s skin.

  • It’s an excellent skin cleanser.
  • It makes the skin of the baby smooth and removes dead skin cells. 
  • Also helps in reducing inflammation.
  • It nourishes the skin and keeps the skin healthy.
  • Also beneficial for skin pigmentation problems.

But before using ubtan to babies consult your baby’s doctor. 

When to use ubtan on your baby?

Don’t apply ubtan before 15 days of birth, as baby skin is sensitive. Make sure the baby’s belly button has healed completely. Before using ubtan talk to doctors. Also, don’t use ubtan if your baby has eczema or acne.

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Risk of applying ubtan

No matter how much ubtan is beneficial for your baby’s skin, but it also has some risk which needs to keep in mind.

  • Baby may be allergic to the ingredient which is used to make ubtan paste.
  • It is very hard to remove ubtan from baby’s skin if you allow the ubtan to dry on the skin.
  • Also, the scratchy nature of ingredients may cause rashes on a baby’sensitive skin.

Parents use Ubtan for your baby skin instead of using chemical based baby care products. It’s safe and natural so there is no side effect of it. But before using anything consult with your baby’s doctor.

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