Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day During the Lockdown

Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day During the Lockdown
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The pandemic of coronavirus has got the worst and best of all those who closely obey the lockdown. Some of them spent their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. locked up with nothing that counts as a celebration. Of course, technology comes to our support, however, when it comes to enjoying special days, we got to be a little imaginative too, right? With Mother’s Day around the corner, you will look for the perfect idea to make it a special day for your mom, wife, sister, sister-in-law, or even a close friend. Well, you don’t need to look further, as we have some wonderful ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day during the lockdown.

Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day During the Lockdown

You have to have plenty of time on your hands because it’s a lock-down. Then why settle for merely wishing a happy Mother’s Day? We know that you can’t get the favorite flowers of your mother or take them out for a movie, but we have a few ideas that you can’t resist. Here is what you should do to celebrate Mother’s day during the lockdown.

1. Create a slideshow of Mum memories

The seventy thousand photos in your digital archive were never a better time to sort. Celebrate Mum by making a slideshow video, to take her down the memory lane on a virtual journey. In the end, you can incorporate short recorded messages from any grown-up child who can’t physically celebrate with Mother this year. It’s also possible to add effects and music with an app like Smilebox or Movavi.

2. Handmade Gifts

They say that a mother knows everything; even anything that her kid doesn’t say. She understands how important she is to your life, but listening with you will make her day. So how about writing your thoughts and emotions on a handmade card? Take all the craft material in the house to give your dear mother an impressive card. Would you like to go a step further? Double Mother’s Day awesome with a handmade personalized gift too with your card. Sift through your craft stuff again, and gather stuff you could use to create a cute and potentially realistic Mother’s Day gift like a pretty jewelry box.

Be sure to sanitize the item before you use it, and wash your hands before making the gift/card. Although this idea may seem ideal for those who live with their parents, it may also be useful for those who live in separate homes. During a video call, you can share a picture or show it to your mom, and hand it over to her when you see her in person.

Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day During the Lockdown
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3. Recreate Mum’s Favorite Brunch 

Many restaurants are even open to delivery, so you can order menu items that your mom loves and replicate the dine-out experience at home, with tablecloth, candles, music, printed menu, and children dressed as servers.

High tea has almost always prevailed and there are places like the Crown Conservatory in Melbourne that can be ordered to make your home cozy with scones, tea-cakes and finger sandwiches. If there is more to her alley than a bottle of bubbly and antipasti plate, Fratelli Fresh Grocer from Sydney does grazing packs and variations of wine-bouquet. If your place is normally closed, just check online and recreate the food. When you have learned the joy of no line-ups, you may never want to go back to Mother’s Day restaurant outings.

Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day During the Lockdown
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4. Spa at Home

The country has taken up a certain pace, some businesses are back on track, but other services such as spas and salons are still closed. But now nobody should stop being held at home, should it? Get a family member, preferably your wife/sister/sister-in-law (or all of them) after a beautiful brunch to go to your mother’s bedroom or living room for a relaxing spa experience. Draw the curtains, bring some of her favorite essential oil into a warm bowl of water, and play some soothing music to relax her nerves.

To make this extra special, whip up a beauty mask with relaxing ingredients like curd, gram flour, and turmeric, massage her foot or head, file and polish her nails, and let her mind wander away from any problem.

Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day During the Lockdown
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5. Mother’s Day Photoshoot At Home

After some relaxing time at the home spa, you can send her for a relaxing bath. The house stylist then spends some time dressing her up, making her hair and makeup, and getting her ready for a Mother’s Day photo shoot.  Treat her as well as a star, because she is one. Then, put on her favorite tunes and let her cherish the shoot! Use your digital camera or smartphone to capture all of your mom’s best poses in front of someone with a photobomb.

Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day During the Lockdown
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6. Movie Marathon

Whether or not your mom is a movie fan, she will have her favorite movies that she will watch again and again. You need to have all your cooking work finished by now. So, gather in the living room together, and get ready to go with some popcorn on the movie marathon. Look up the best Mother’s Day movies to watch with your mom if you are on a time crunch, and you’re all set for a fun-filled and exciting night out.

7. Give Her A Proper Day Off

Moms never take days off from their daily duties. They had twice or even three times as much housework on their plate with the lockdown. The least we can do is take a few chores off their plates. Get the family together and assign all their usual tasks for each of them. There’s going to be chaos; people really don’t want to clean the toilet or wipe the floor, however, mommy dearest is going a well-deserved day off.

So, these are some wonderful ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day during the lockdown.

With bare minimum stuff, it will be difficult to celebrate, but it is not impossible. Only take a look and find out what you can do to celebrate Mother’s Day this year amid lockdown. Enjoy every bit of it, too. It is all right if your laptop crashes, you add more salt to the soup unintentionally, or your photo drawing reminds her of your first-grade drawings. It’s just going to add up to the funny memories that you have as a family together.

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