Infertility – “They Say..Nothing is permanent”


​​Infertility in general can be classified as :

1) Male Infertility
2) Female Infertility.
3) Infertility in both Men and Women

Looking over the both perspectives equally,

Male Infertility :

  • Volume of semen.
  • Sperm count
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Motility
  • Structural defects of sperms

Following are the few common causes that causes infertility in males :

  • As per Ayurveda below all causes male infertility-Excessive exertion
  • over indulgence in sexual activity or using unnatural ways of sex (such masturbation or anal sex),
  • excessive laziness,
  • eating too spicy food very frequently in a week (applicable for females),
  • suppressing desires of intercourse very often or having multiple intercourse partners or having intercourse very frequently and many times (5-6 times) in a day also leads to debility of Shukra dhatu.

Causes of Female Infertility :

  • Infections in Vagina
  • PCODs- Cyst in ovary
  • Fibroids in uterine cavity
  • Repeated abortions
  • Excessive spicy and junk food intake
  • Irregular sleeping habits (keeping awake late in the nights)Fear or unawareness about sexual intercourse.
  • Consuming contraceptive pills for longer period.
  • Consuming alcohol so regularly, etc.

Conception requires effectual counselling which can solve the problem for sure.

The most common factor now a days which affects the most is; Undesirable age. Lifestyle now a days has increased the age of getting married and hence a natural delay in family planning. As per Ayurveda, most appropriate age for having first baby is 21 in female and 23 in male. An age period between 22-28 can still be considered better in modern days.

Other acute causes are; Smoking, drinking alcohol, stress etc. Wearing tight cloths often , working in extremely hot or extremely cold environment for longer period can also affect fertility to a greater extent.

Helping yourself to improve the conditions:

Regular exercise and yoga. Pelvic floor exercises and Pranayam.

A must have diet look ups:

  • Fresh, organic fruits (No sweetened fruit juices) and vegetables.
  •  Almonds, walnuts, dates, figs, apricots, and raisins.
  • Milk-date shake, And Fresh Dairy products (Using fresh Ghee in daily diet is very useful) including chhas and curd.
  • Lesser consumption on Non vegetarian food (Egg whites/fish can be taken in breakfast sometimes)
  • Making a mouth mint for after diet, which includes Cumin, Ajwain turmeric, til or coconut (All in roasted form) cleanses the genitourinary tract.
  • No consumption of Alcohol
  • Attending natural calls immediately is also important

These few lifestyle change in modern age is demand of the time. Though many of us do not suffer from massive disorders or Hormonal abnormalities but try hard to conceive to get no results, many reports come normal and doctors ask you to wait and try. But try what?

A general change in lifestyle which includes Pranayam and lesser stressed environment may change the scenario amazingly.Even if you are in social pressure and spend everyday in tension taking various medications may give you no results.But just a calm mind, happy soul, spiritual chanting and healthy habits gives a lot of positive vibes and you may see a change very soon!


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