Madhubala- The Marilyn Monroe of Bollywood 86th Birth Anniversary

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Madhubala is one of the most iconic & beautiful actress. She was born in Delhi on 14th Feb 1933 and was known as Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi. Often referred as Marilyn Monroe of Bollywood. Madhubala was popularly known as “The Beauty with Tragedy” and “The Venus of Indian Cinema”. She even caught attention in Hollywood when a photographer visit India to photographed her for Life Magazine. The magazine also called her “Biggest Star” in the international film industry.

Image Source- Instagram
Image Source- Instagram

She fell in love with Dilip Kumar during the filming of Mugal-E-Ajam. Their love  is not hidden by the world. Their chemistry was liked by everyone. Still there chemistry and love is remembered by everyone.

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Madhubala also received offer from Hollywood role with Frank Capre, but her father didn’t want her to go Hollywood and refused the offer. She was a god-gifted actor who can play any time of role with grace whether its comedy, drama or romantic roles.

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In 2008, Madhubala On a postage stamp of India, and remembered as one of the greatest actress ever grace the silver screen.




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