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7 months ago 293 Comments

Sonogram Nails – The New Pregnancy Trend We sure look forward to changing our pregnancy wardrobe. Some may even change their beauty routine. But seems like there is no shortage of beauty routine or trends either. What’s the latest you ask? ULTRASOUND NAILS! Yes, you heard that right. They exist and they’re just as cute […]

Surprising and adorable facts about babies
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Understand your little one better with these amazing baby facts.   Babies are always listening — even before they’re born. Even a baby as young as two days old will recognize his mother’s voice, even if he only hears one single syllable. New-borns cry an awful lot, but have you noticed they can’t shed tears? […]

8 months ago 2 Comments

We’ve come up with a list of 5 things that can aid in the process to becoming a more involved, loving and all-around hero dad that kids deserve. But again, there are no rules. You don’t have to do them all to be a good dad. There will be some that you identify with more […]

A1 and A2 MILK
8 months ago 53 Comments

A1 Vs. A2 Milk – Facts, Differences And Myths   The much heard and debated topic about A1 and A2 milk is not new. Scientists believe the difference originated as a mutation that occurred between 5000 and 10,000 years ago. It was then, when cattle were being taken north into Europe and the proline at […]

Best Cold Drinks For Kids For Summer-Time
8 months ago 1 Comment

Best Cold Drinks For Kids For Summer-Time We have been dreaming about pools and summer drinks since past few months and the time is finally here. As much excited as you are, your children  need the refreshments too. They will be here and there and going all-out in sun. It’s the time of the year […]

night terros
8 months ago 1 Comment

Night terror – Symptoms and prevention     What are night terrors? Night terrors are sleep disturbances in which a child may suddenly sit bolt upright in bed, cry, scream, moan and mumble. They might have their eyes wide open but won’t be truly awake. They are in the middle of being asleep and being […]
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Belly Mapping: Discover Baby’s Position   The final position of the unborn baby before childbirth can affect the labour and delivery of the mother-to-be. The best position for the baby to be in before delivery is with her head down, facing your back. Women can find out in which position the baby is by using […]

Breast milk bath
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Breast Milk Bath for Babies: Procedure and Benefits   Many new moms are surprised to find out that there are other uses for breast milk beyond simply feeding their baby. From lotions that help heal eczema and other skin irritations, to popsicles that ease teething pain, breast milk seems to be able to do it […]

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17 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect?   Baby’s Growth During Pregnancy – Week 17 Important developments are taking place within your baby’s nervous system this week. A fatty substance called myelin is started to coat the baby’s spinal cord. This will help to speed up messages from their nerves to their brain. Your baby’s hearing […]

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16 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect?    16 weeks pregnant is three months and about three weeks pregnant. Now that you’re 16 weeks pregnant, things are getting pretty exciting. You may have another prenatal visit this week, where you will get to hear baby’s heartbeat again. Even more thrilling will be feeling baby kick, which […]

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