Reasons Why Our Dad Is Our Hero

Reasons Why Our Dad Is Our Hero
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Our dads have always been our continuous source of encouragement and support, from teaching us how to ride our first bike when we were kids to celebrate all the successes in our lives. Dads are in our hearts forever and they can never be replaced by someone else. Keep scrolling down to know the 12 convincing reasons why our dad is our hero.

Reasons Why Our Dad Is Our Hero

The person who carries his child in the proper direction with a firm but loving hand and has a strong presence in his child’s life, the one whom every child absolutely relies on must be celebrated every day!

So mothers seem to have the cake and are shown with appreciation when it comes to parenting. But there’s the silent and strong presence of a father behind every successful mom. He may not be celebrated as much as a mother but his contribution to his children’s family and welfare should be recognized. “our dad is our hero” it’s time every child said.

Reasons Why Our Dad Is Our Hero
Image Source – Pixabay

1. They show you the value of working hard

If anyone has taught anything about hard work, it is Dad. I know that he gave his all when he arrives at his home with a different shade of tan as compared to his chest, and he sweats abundantly.

Every day, he never leaves the door because he wants to do his best to help our families.

His good work ethic has taught us how to achieve and earn what you want in life.

2. They show you what resiliency means

Dad showed us what it means to be resilient and push through. Although he might have had to deal with difficulties, our well-being was always his priority, so he makes sure he is in the best position to do so.

3. They teach us discipline

A father disciplines child while a mother cods and protects her kid. He teaches his child right from wrong more often than not. It is the moral box that the child learns to sail through the choppy waters of life.

Reasons Why Our Dad Is Our Hero
Image Source – Pixabay

4. They are hard on you, but it’s for your own good

Dad has been our toughest critique, always. When we disappoint him and make a mistake, he’s going to mention to me.

When the words come from him, they don’t always be the most pleasant or the most important to hear, but he has such high hopes and expectations.

He wants us to make him proud, and he wants us to bring the best in us. Our dad is the toughest, but he is the only one worth it.

5. A father leads by example

A child always takes his father’s work ethics. He does the same when he sees his father helping with domestic chores. A father who works efficiently in his office is also an inspiration to him. A father who can maintain a good balance between work and life is an ideal role model for his child.

6. A father is fun

Although a father is assigned the tough task of being the family’s disciplinarian, he’s fun to be around as well. He knows how to relax with his child and take a break. Whether it’s playing a cricket game or sitting down with all the dolls in the house for an imaginary tea party, a father knows how to engage his child and nurse her fun side.

7. He is a trusted advisor

The best advisors are fathers. Whether it’s something as minor as a school project or something as life-changing as to which college course to choose from, the input from a father can make all the difference. A dad is trustworthy.

Reasons Why Our Dad Is Our Hero
Image Source – Pixabay

8. He Listens Patiently

Whenever you have a complaint, an annoying tale to tell, a new shopping item you want to buy, an opinion to share, and even a shoulder to cry about. He’s all listening ears. He listens patiently to every little detail that you want to utter until you’re done with the venting.

9. He Made Us Believe We Could Be Our Own Heroes

When you are doubted and your belief begins – your father smiles quietly and restores confidence by saying – you will be your own hero. You will become a hero. You ‘re going to bright. Just keep on, give it a while. They inspire you to believe in yourself and never give up.

10. He is Protective And Possessive

Dads were always overprotective. They will never let their daughter touch a worthless man or break her heart. He breaks the face of the kid who makes a single drop of tear shed by his little princess. You will ever have him as the most honest lover.

He will rescue and protect his son from every offense until his last breath.

11. Dad will always forgive you

A father can’t be mad at his little bird, no matter just how severe the offense is. The ease with which he forgives you is the magical-the easiest thing in the world is like forgiveness. No one else is ever going to be so generous with a pardon. It kills him to reproach you for too long, or stay away from you.

12. He Teaches You Life’s Invaluable Lessons

Dads were always our first teachers from riding cycles to driving a car, from playing the ball to drawing a cat, from blowing bubbles to disciplining you. In our lives, they have taught us countless invaluable things. For the knowledge, wisdom, and abilities that they have given us, we could never thank them enough.

So, these are the reasons why our dad is our hero.

Wherever you go? Whatever you do? One should never forget the sacrifices our father made. He’s not less than a soldier and more than a god. You always have to admire your teachings and values and we have to continue with our next generations. So let’s join our hands in making our DAD believe he’d be forever a hero for us. There’s never a perfect time, I guess, to give him a hug.

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