Shocking Side Effects Of Lipsticks

Shocking side effects of lipsticks
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Every female wants to use lipstick to make her look better. Most females spend time collecting the correct lipstick to go with their clothes. They often forget, however, that the beauty of the lipstick also comes with a price. The lipstick consists of several chemicals such as lead, chromium, etc. The natural luster and beauty of your lips are stolen from all these chemical products and damaged. Not only that, we often end up eating food and drink traces of lipstick. So, it’s essential to understand how your lipstick can damage you and your health. Let’s find out the side effects of lipsticks!

Dangerous Ingredients Found in Lipsticks

Some of these hazardous components can be found in your daily lipstick.

  • Phthalates may prove disruptive to the endocrine system that generates hormones. Due to exposure to phthalates, developmental, neurological and reproductive damage may happen.
  • As a makeup component, we all understand very well how harmful lead can be. In the long term, it certainly harms health.
  • Polyethylene glycols are compounds based on petroleum that are frequently found in products based on cream. This is very injurious to the nervous system.
  • Parabens are cosmetic preservatives that penetrate the skin easily. These have developed a poor reputation for causing depression, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Siloxans are known to interfere with the endocrine system and toxic to the reproductive system as well. All of these can pose massive risks to health.

Side Effects of Lipsticks

Lipstick is associated with many health risks. If the preservatives used in the lipstick exceed the acceptable level, it will cause harm to the person such as:

1. Toxin intake:

Toxicity is triggered by the accumulation of manganese, cadmium, chromium, and aluminum in the body. Accidentally, women ingest it while eating. By purchasing a lipstick, you should make sure that it is a quality product free of such components.

2. Skin Allergies:

To preserve lipsticks, a chemical called bismuth oxychloride is used. This ingredient’s carcinogenic property is highly damaging and can trigger allergies.

3. Cancer:

Preservatives used in lipsticks may cause significant harm, such as skin irritation, wheezing, coughing, and eye irritation. One should be careful as some brands of lipsticks can cause cancer.

4. Disrupted Endocrine System:

All lipstick comprises petrochemicals that are a health cause. The endocrine disorder can hinder development, intelligence, breeding, and reproduction. It should not be overlooked that petrochemicals are by-products of natural gas and crude oil.

5. Affected Nervous System

Most lipsticks have a prevalent element of lead. Hormone imbalance and brain damageĀ are known to be caused. The neurotoxin in them triggers neurological degeneration.

6. Renal malformations

Heavy metals can cause harm to the organ and hazardous illnesses in lipsticks. Very elevated cadmium content leads to kidney failure. The frequent use of lipstick causes stomach tumors.

Are liquid lipsticks better?

Although liquid lipstick has some benefits, it is suggested that you use traditional lipstick. There are a few reasons why you ought to do that.

First of all, it may be hard to apply liquid lipstick. It takes a constant hand. If you haven’t applied it before, using it all of a sudden can be a bit hard.

Second, if you compare it with the liquid lipstick, it is simpler to remove traditional lipstick. It can be very hard to remove liquid lipstick. The use of water will not operate. To remove it, you need to use some sort of oily substance.

How To Minimize These Effects

There’s an answer to every issue. Some more safe solutions can minimize damaging lipstick impacts. Some tips provided below by frequent lipstick users should be kept in mind.

  • In the darker colors of lipsticks, heavy metals will certainly be excessive. So, go for colors that are lighter.
  • The damaging impacts of the lipstick may be lessened by the petroleum jelly base. To prevent the side effects of chemicals, go for homemade lipsticks.
  • You should avoid using chemical lipsticks during pregnancy as they could seriously harm the unborn baby in the womb of the mother. Go to herbal ones instead.
  • The harsh lipstick chemicals can cause serious skin harm, so you have to exfoliate your skin at least 2-3 times a week. To avoid damaging lips, lipsticks should be avoided as far as possible.
  • No matter how attractive a local brand lipstick may look, you don’t have to purchase inexpensive products because they pose more damage than reputable brands ‘ lipsticks.
  • Before striking the bed, use a nice quality makeup remover to remove and wipe the lipstick off.
  • Buy organic, natural lipsticks.

It is essential to find safer alternatives to use in order to ensure better inner health. You won’t have to regret later if you make a conscious effort to find the right choices. All said and done, it makes a female feel empowered and unleashes her femininity as well, there is no denying.

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