Things To Do During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Things To Do During The Coronavirus Lockdown
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The lockdown of the coronavirus clearly came out of nowhere. One week we got to grips with washing our hands properly and we are barely allowed out the next. Now we have to work, educate kids and relax from home. The change in life unexpectedly can be daunting. But you should use this duration to your advantage: there will be more time in your day for other activities without a commute. Many of the stuff you have done before, you can still start with modifications to make them work online. Continue reading to for the things to do during the coronavirus lockdown, besides work.

Things To Do During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Time to make lemonade from the lemons of life. And when you’ve got an unprecedented lockout of 21 days glaring at you, take it one day at a time. Take each day to develop new skills, try hobbies and do what you have always wanted instead of getting trapped into the thoughts. Using your time to know more, discover the talents you have lost and be ready for the future. Here are a few things to do during the coronavirus lockdown.

1. Show Self Love

In the next 3 weeks, take care of yourself. Ask your partner for a massage of your hair. And make a facial kit of home-made ingredients.

Here is a single hack: Blend three lemon juice tablespoons with one turmeric powder tablespoon, apply on your face and hold on for 15-20 minutes. It moisturizes and Lumines your face.

2. Be A Social Butterfly

There are at least half a dozen men, who you need to call back at any given time. An elderly aunt, the very touchy mate, or your former colleague— you really intended calling them back, but… you know how it is. It is a good time to know how your family and friends work; even the elderly are good at it. Distribute the warmth and remain connected.

3. Read A Book

To be honest this is a no-brainer. This can be a perfect use of your me-time as well as being a great entertainer, simply because you can develop your knowledge of people, environment, history, and culture. Research also suggests reading books will make you smarter and more empathetic. Maybe the secret to getting all in one piece through these times is concealed in one of those books lying unread for the longest time on your bookshelf?

Things To Do During The Coronavirus Lockdown
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4. Home Makeover

Tired of seeing the same old plans for seating/dining, day in and day out? This might be a perfect time to rejig the decor and give your home a fresh new look, with a lockdown in full progress. To try out new variations, change the curtains, move your tables, chairs, and sofas around the room. Beyond burning good calories, who knows, this exercise will help you hit the reset button and let yourself escape the same-old drudgery.

5. Connect With Memories

Going through old photo albums — and organizing them in that process — can bring us happiness that is unbidden. A research conducted by Peter Naish, a psychology doctor at The Open Psychology, found that flipping through photo albums made you much happier than candy, music, watching TV or your favorite cocktail. The experiments, performed on three classes, measured their moods using the aforementioned mood improvers, with the happiest being those looking at their favorite images. Sit down one of these days with your old pictures to move back in time and link to better, simpler days.

Things To Do During The Coronavirus Lockdown
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6. Get Organized

We all have the one drawer (or more) full of documents that we have never had the time to sift and sort through. Either its bills, receipts, prescriptions from hospitals, insurance or financial documents, use your lockdown time to convert the mountain into a molehill by going through.

Besides freeing up space and de-cluttering your room, you’re going to get the added bonus of getting all the important papers stored in one location so you don’t turn the house upside down when you really need them. Is there an important document you did not have a physical copy of? To convert them to PDFs, take an image or scan them using free software such as Adobe Scan. Place these on cloud-based computing systems so access is accessible 24/7.

7. Quit a bad habit

If you are dragging your feet, setting yourself goals and finding yourself reluctant, this government shutdown could be a time for you to go cold turkey on the bad habits of smoking, sugar or caffeine you have always tried to get rid of. The psychology behind breaking the bad habit: know your signs, build on life-changing changes, or substitute for a stronger one for your good habits. In fact, the lockout creates a new barrier— the lack of exposure to your vice— that may potentially be the boost you’ve wanted all along.

8. Simplify Your Life

With the supply of goods dwindling, now is a good time to reassess what is’ important.’ Most of us accumulated so many things that rendered our lives complicated. We feel exhausted and frustrated in trying to keep track of them. It sounds like a right to extremes, but it is real. Seek to find out what and what you don’t even need. This is a perfect time to trim and polish. The practice will motivate you to take a new approach to your life. You will know how many things in your daily life you take for granted, and how few you need.

9. Learn To Cook 

Can’t say the difference between a spatula and spaghetti? Did the area Dhaba have on speed dial?? Cooking is not rocket science and Online videos, recipes and cooking hacks are not too dear for you in this unfamiliar area. Get cooking tips to friends and relatives. A book of family recipes may also be started.

Cooking should not be an individual activity— including children, partners, and friends by divided tasks or calling friends for a group video call. You can put up some music, pour some wine and have a party, even if you are alone!

Things To Do During The Coronavirus Lockdown
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10. Bring Home The Outside

With all of the time spent at home, getting the outdoors into your living spaces is a smart idea, and growing a home garden is the best way to do that. Plants not only make your home more beautiful, but they also purify the air, give you a nice way to keep fit and add to your meals too.

All vegetables like tomatoes, chilis, bell peppers, oignons, gourds, and okra, and like mint herbs, lemongrass, basil, mustard, coriander, garlic, ginger, and greens such as spinach and Latta, are easily grown in the home. They are very common. You will need a place with the sunlight of at least four to six hours, a water source nearby and any container around 12 centimeters in diameter and height. With house plants like ficus, arrowheads or vegetables, you may be less stringent. Reputing old bottles, bottles, cans, utensils or crockery and now use as planters.

Things To Do During The Coronavirus Lockdown
Image Source – Pixabay

So these are 10 things to do during the coronavirus lockdown.

To anyone of us, we understand that these are tough days. However, we remain indoors for our own good and protection. Yet, by sitting idle and moving in a game, one can not remain alone for long. We hope you can avoid stress and anxiety in any of these self-quarantine practices.

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