Warm Places In India To Visit With Your Kids

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November arrives, and in the winter season, people start looking for the best spots to explore. In the winter season, there are so many places to visit that will give you the best experience. Rajasthan is one of the best destinations to visit during the winter. Yet here are some of this best warm places in India to visit in winter with your kids.

Warm Places in India To Visit With Your Kids In Winters

During winter you can visit many cities and towns in India, which don’t need warm coats, sweaters, scarves or gloves. Come and explore some warm places in India you can visit this winter!

1. Kerela

Many people just don’t like snuggling all day long in a warm blanket. Kerala is suitable for winter vacation destinations in India for people who prefer to escape the cold winter temperatures.

This magnificent Indian State has had moderate weather all year round. Throughout the year it has plenty to offer tourists You can relax on peaceful beaches when traveling in Kerala, live in a Treehouse, take a backwater tour and do much more.

Warm Places In India To Visit With Your Kids
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2. Rajasthan

The royal state of Rajasthan is one of the best times to visit during the winter. Like most parts of northern India, Rajasthan too has a cold winter climate that is pleasant to Western standards.

Visiting the numerous forts and palaces of Rajasthan, combined with traditional folk dances and the renowned hospitality of Rajasthan, is something magical. Jodhpur and Jaisalmer are the must-visit cities of Rajasthan during the winter months. These cities deliver a magical experience, in part, of the Thar Desert. Jaisalmer is known as a “golden city” and offers the best possible activities here.

Warm places in india
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3. Goa

Looking to bring a lot of joi de vive to the festivals this year? If yes, Goa could be your ultimate winter holiday destination. The place comes alive with all-night parties and some seriously crazy crowds during the winter months. The atmosphere is electric, particularly during the New Year and Christmas seasons. Just be aware of the overpriced hotels and restaurants during this time of year. Better still, make your bookings well in advance, because the place is filled with jam during the winter months.

Warm Places In India To Visit With Your Kids
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4. Hampi

If you plan to go south to escape the cold this winter, make it a point to visit Hampi, a UNESCO-declared World Heritage Site. The unique historical monuments, temples, and 15th and 16th-century ruins will delight your kids. Hampi can satisfy the discoverer in you if you are interested in exploring new things. Hampi’s’ Virupaksha temple’ is one of Hampi’s most visited sites, crediting its beautiful architecture, and it is not to be missed.

You could take a ride on a’ coracle’ in Hampi–a round cane boat, which is a big means of transport here. You can stay in cottages overlooking the rice fields, other than this. The’ Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary’ near Hampi is a must-visit when traveling with children. It’s the only place you’re going to find sloth bears in India, so don’t miss the fun.

Warm Places In India To Visit With Your Kids
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5. Rann of Kutch

Rann of Kutch is expected to be on your December itinerary because it’s the best time to visit Kutch. During winter, the marshy salt flats on the ground almost offer a snow illusion. The famous’ Rann Utsav,’ which is an annual three-month festival, also begins in December and attracts visitors from all over the world.

Even though Rann’s winter nights are cold, during the day you won’t feel the chill. Moon-sighting from the white Thar desert offers a lifetime experience, so plan a day or rather a night for it! As your children take a camel or horse ride through the Rann, you will enjoy local cuisine and visit the finest shops for handicrafts.

Warm Places In India To Visit With Your Kids
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6. Madurai

Madurai is a popular tourist destination of Tamil Nadu, also known as the’ Athens of the East’ This town is renowned for its rich history, art, and architecture. Madurai is over 2,500 years old and has many temples–enough to exhaust and at the same time delight your children! This city, also known by the name, the’ City of Temples,’ also has equally captivating churches and museums. But what your kids will love the most is the Banana Market, which sells 16 varieties of bananas–not a place to miss, isn’t it?

Warm Places In India To Visit With Your Kids
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These are some warm destinations in India, where you can visit without thinking about feeling cold in the winter. Therefore, book your tickets, pack your bags and make your journey enjoyable.

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