Yes! We Are Millennial’s

We Are Millennial's
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Millennial- as soon as you type this word in a Google you’ll find many articles which leave an overarching impression. The generation who are in their 20s and 30s are believed to be narcissistic, entitled, lazy and also not to be trusted generation.

Okay before making an assumption, let me clear you that I am not here to fight or blame the older generation. But the love & hate relationship between Millennials and older generation had to be discussed before assuming whether we are truly as bad as people say.

Also, for every generation, there is a stereotype which is used in their younger years like –

The generation born between 1925-1945 called  “The Lost Generation”  

The generation born between 1946-1960 called ” Boomer, who is the spoiled generation reluctant to grow up”

The generation born between 1961-1980 are Generation X portrait as “Coddled generation that complained too much”

Over time these generalizations are evolved like:

“The Lost Generation”  known as “The Greatest Generation”, Boomers are now “Ambitious and Hardworking” & Generation X describe as “Skeptical but Self-Reliant” 

Like earlier generations, Generation Y or Millennials in their younger years are portraits as “Narcissistic, entitled & lazy. But it won’t take a long time when our generation characterized in a more positive light.

Look,  we are amazing and talented enough to change the world. We make our own path. We are focused and eager for a meaningful career. We are going to change the world one day because we know we can and also we know how to change.

We are the most ambitious generation with the desire to dream big & to make them a reality. As an individual, we are passionate about the things that matter to us. We are more concerned with job fulfillment than salary. 


  • We want transparency in everything. If something is not good around us we’re going to find out about it.


  • We value community, as we are now re-connecting with our tribal roots. With the power of the internet, we are creating both virtual and in-person communities that enrich and support us, as we believed that we are nothing without the people.


  • We love to engage in a conscious relationship. Now we don’t want a relationship that depletes or depress us, we are now falling in love with ourselves first then find someone who has a vision that complements our own.


  • We defined our own success. We are the generation who is not running for a degree, house, car, stable job, spouse, 2 kids. For us, the idea of success is what you feel, and not what you have. 


  • We are entrepreneurs. If we can’t find the job we want, we have the potential to create the one. 


  • We have taken our education in our hands as we realized that 13 years of education left us completely ill-equipped to face the challenges of the modern world. To fulfill this void we seek information from outside. We take full advantage of the global library. We want to know everything like Why this happen, Why that happens, Why we are living like this and so on. That’s the reason we are also known as “Generation Y”


  • We millennials are open minded. Because of social media, we have the ability to see the things differently also ready to accept others perception on the same thing. Because of this, we are connecting with others and not separated.


  • We are creative persons. We can share talent, ideas with the world through social media platform, which makes us more productive, peaceful and ultimately more fulfilled.


  • We are not waiting for happiness to come. We are not postponing our joys. Also, we are not sacrificing years of our lives for happiness after job retirement. We believe to do things now by finding the ways to explore, travel while earning a living doing what we love.

We are the most educated generation, we are knowledgeable and has the power to take the wiser decision. With knowledge comes power, and we have the power and potential to decide how we want to shape the world.


We make mistakes, but we are learning from the mistakes of the past. We dream wildly to make the future we want, we face challenges, take blames, have the potential to change the world.

We can & We will change the world. 

#MILLENNIALS-  The one who working to make a difference, one who is curious to know about everything, the one who is aware of the culture.

As a Millennial, We are not going to  leave the world without making it a better place.


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